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Public Works

In the event that you witness suspicious activity, please report to the Pleasant View City on-call number (801)-547-7772. Suspicious activities include dumping materials, such as paint, oil, petroleum, grass clippings, pesticides, fertilizer or any other hazardous material into storm drains, streams and/or canals. Remember, we all live downstream. 

Pleasant View Storm Water Management Plan
2017 Water Report
City Standards

RFP documents for Old City Shop demolish and construction:
    Old City Shops - RFP
    EE closeouts
    Parking Bay Roof Specs
    Pleasant View City Storage Building Asbestos Inspection
    2017 City Shops Storage Building Replacement
    PW site utilities
    City Shops Parking Bay plan set

RFP documents for Property Acquisition Services for Zone 1 Reservoir and Transmission Line:
2019-09-04 PVC Property Acquistion Agent RFP

RFP documents for Street Light Supplier:
2019-09-04 Streetlight RFP