Pleasant View City

A Treasure in Ben Lomond's Shadow

Good Reminder
We live on a mountain and with the colder weather wild life may be sighted more often. Wild life could be anything from deer to cougars. There have not been any official sightings, but as a reminder with the cold, wild life do make their way down. Please keep an eye on your pets, animals, and small children.

Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season.  

Welcome to Pleasant View

Pleasant View City (population 9,000) is nestled at the base of Mount Ben Lomond which is located in northern Weber County, Utah about 45 miles north of Salt Lake City.

The City enjoys beautiful mountain views, with many portions of the City overlooking the northern portion of the Salt Lake Valley.

Pleasant View City Hall
Pleasant View City Hall is located at 520 W. Elberta Dr. Pleasant View, UT. 84414