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Eagle Scout Projects

Possible Service Projects

September 2018

Listed below are several possible service projects recently identified, projects in process and projects which have been completed. If you are interested in adopting a service project these projects will give you the idea of what has been done and what is currently needed.   

Additional ideas are welcome.  If you have further interests or questions, please contact Jerry Burns (801-782-7474) city service project coordinator.

Thank you for your consideration.

Currently Needed

  1. Install benches along the walking path adjacent to Pleasant View Drive from 1350 W to Hi 89. 

    Recommend the number and locations of benches. Any number of benches would be appreciated.  The benches cost about $500.00 – $800.00 each.

  2. Assist with a Veterans Memorial Monument.

    A group of citizens have requested approve to create a monument honoring Military Veterans from our community.  The proposal was approved with the location and design to be decided.  Any Boy Scout interested in assisting with this project would be welcome.


  3. Pioneer Log Cabin (Adopted by 4 Scouts in process, one additional volunteer group is needed)

    The original logs of an 1880 pioneer log cabin have been donated to Pleasant View City.  Our desire is to reconstruct the cabin on a site near the bowery at Wadman Park.  An Eagle Scout Project has involved many segments of the project.  There in one additional segment needing volunteer assistance. 

    1. Finish cleaning and preparing the logs. (completed July 2018)
    2. Construction a concrete pad on which to reconstruct the cabin (completed August 2018)
    3. Reassemble log cabin (in process)
    4. Build the roof structure on the assembled cabin
    5. Organize and direct sealing “chinking” the spaces between the logs.(available and needed soon)
    6. When the cracks between the logs are sealed an additional project will be to apply a coat of weather sealant to the structure.

      A sign containing a brief history of the cabin will be placed at the cabin site including the names of those participating 

  4. Capstone Classical Academy is in need of emergency backpacks for classrooms

    Please contact Capstone Academy for information. The address to Capstone is 3885 n. Route 89,  Pleasant View, UT 84414.

    The link I found to what is recommended in the backpacks is      

    Gloria Rivera  385-240-9989                                                             

    Capstone Classical Academy                                                                                                                                                 

  5. Wood Chip Trail maintained at Wadman Park-In Process

    The wood chip walking path at Wadman Park is in need of seasonal maintenance including spreading additional wood chips in portions of the trail and raking some edges where wood chips have been dispersed. 

  6. Refurbishing two informational signs at Wadman Park.
    1. Currently there are two standing wood signs without any information on them. The city would like trail maps of the park placed on the sign boards with additional information about the park such as: types of trees, vegetation and wildlife.

In Process

Develop a small neighborhood park area at 4120 N. 350 W. 

Currently the city ones a small piece of wooded spring area in a small depression. The area surrounded with grass, trees and some large rocks.  A protective chain link fence has protected the secluded area. With some planning and a little landscaping, it could become a beautiful nature area and possible picnic site

Water Conservation and Water Purity Information.                 

Distribute public information flyers to members of the community educating and encouraging water conservation and the non-contamination of drinking water.       

Sign and nature path improvement at Wadman Park                             

Install (put up) a monument type rock sign for the Wadman park nature path adjacent to the parking lot behind the fire station and enhance that segment of the path.


Build Nature Path – Wadman Park (Completed June 2018)

Clear brush and rocks and build about 30 yards of wood chip covered path from the existing sidewalk in front of bowery to the existing path on east side of bowery near fire station.

Plant trees on north boundary of Wadman Park (Completed May 2018)

Clear weeds and growth along a roughly 75-yard fence line and plant 4 – 6 trees to provide a buffer between homes and the park. 

Build a small rock retaining wall adjacent to Around a Bout. (Completed July 2018)

Construct a rock retaining structure about 50 ft. long and 2 ft. high needed to complete some landscaping on the southwest corner of the round a bout.  The city has the rocks; they just need to be moved and installed.

Police information assistance.  (Completed July 2018)

The PV Chief of Police, Ryon Hadley, requested assistance to create and distribute a telephone contact list of critical numbers to members of the community.